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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Educators! Keep the spirit of the Games alive in your classroom with cross-curricular Olympic-themed lesson plans. For official USOC-approved Olympic-themed lesson plans developed by Griffin Publishing Group.
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About Athens

About Athens

The first Olympic Games were held in Greece more than two thousand years ago. When the Modern Games were revived in 1896, founder Pierre de Coubertin again chose Athens as the host city. In 2004, the games will return to their birthplace for a third time.

Learn about the geography, history, people, and languages of Athens and Greece, or explore with Virtual Tours.

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Healthy BodiesHealthy Bodies

Get yourself in shape for the Olympics of life! Eating right and getting fit are just the beginning. [ Click Here ]

Creative ZoneCreative Zone

Fun facts and projects to learn more about life in ancient Greece and the Olympics. [ Click Here ]

Spotlight SportSpotlight Sport

Look here for news, facts, history, and more about Olympic sports. [ Click Here ]

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Olympic FactsOlympic Facts

Look here for short summaries of the history, symbols, and traditions of the Olympics. [ Click Here ]

Parade of NationsParade of Nations
Explore countries that have hosted past Olympic Games. Find facts, maps, history, and more. [ Click Here ]



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