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United States United States
United States
The United States consists of 50 states: 48 that are contiguous and two that are separate from the others. Hawaii is one of the two geographically separate states and is the westernmost U.S. state. It consists of a chain of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. The other separate state, Alaska, is located northwest of the other states and is separated from them by Canada.

Host Country Background
The United States has been called a "crucible" or "melting pot" because many cultures coexist in this country. Over the last 200 years, many people have immigrated to the United States from all around the world. Other people are native or aboriginal to the United States, for example Alaskan Eskimos and Native Americans.

The U.S. government is a democratic system that was created to represent the voice of the people. It is made of three branches -- the executive, legislative, and judicial -- each of which has special responsibilities and powers.

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