Exciting News: Avantis Partners with EdGate to Align Virtual Reality Content
July 12 2023
Tablet with VR brain

EdGate has begun working with Avantis Education to align more than 400-plus virtual reality lessons with state standards across the U.S. The lessons span many corners of education including science, social studies, and English Language Arts for grades K-12. This vast project will be completed in time for the Fall 2023 semester.

Avantis is a cutting-edge company that leverages advanced technology, including ClassVR headsets.

Its virtual-reality lessons are housed in the Eduverse, the company’s platform built to support virtual reality in K-12 education. The Eduverse is the central content hub for schools using ClassVR headsets. The Eduverse is easy to access on any device used for classroom instruction. All Avantis Education’s lessons are accessible to anyone using ClassVR headsets with an active subscription to the Eduverse platform. Free and paid subscriptions are available.

Aligning Advantis Education’s content to all appropriate state standards by the fall of this year is a massive undertaking. Company leaders thought it unlikely until the idea of partnering with EdGate, with both cutting edge technology and 26 years of experience, came into focus.

Advancement in education moves swiftly, and the team at EdGate is proud to work with Advantis to meet their goals which will lead to significant educational advancement.

Just another way EdGate Powers Education.