Workforce Agencies

Creating and managing industry specific workforce programs is challenging. Having the right technology in place can make the difference between a successful implementation or a real headache. If you have challenges such as:

  • Integrating systems,
  • Connecting employers,
  • Engaging students and dislocated workers,
  • Tracking the right data,
  • Acquiring a steady flow of registrants,
  • Winning grant applications;

then EdGate has solutions you can trust. You can rely on the power of EdGate technologies and data solutions to engage dislocated workers and students in unique and meaningful ways. Leveraging the world’s first digital career mapping solution, you can launch industry specific programs for healthcare, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, alternate energy, or whatever industry is required.

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Dave Cox,
JOVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)

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I have had multiple people walk over to my desk completely astonished at the level of depth that EdGate has gone to correlate our videos - they are blown away! I have also sent these to our clients across the nation and they are delighted to have these correlation files to help teachers integrate the content. Once again, EdGate has distinguished themselves from the crowd - you guys are the best!