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The EdTech industry shifts into high gear with EdGate powering correlations and deep sets of data. Take advantage of our six-patents and twenty-five years experience developing the world’s most comprehensive educational standards alignment taxonomy.

With EdGate you gain:

  • Access — Meet the ever-changing standards head-on leveraging the world’s most comprehensive Standard Library.
  • Gap fill — Don’t let missing content hold up delivery.
  • Organization — Step up your delivery game with Educational Content Optimization services for faster discovery, better organization and increased profits.
  • Deliverables — Quickly transform content into engaging formats, including videos, games, worksheets, and quizzes.
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Here is what industry experts are saying about EdGate:

Leo Kelly, has been working with EdGate since 2010. During that time, we have made extensive use of the standards and correlations they provide. We've found that their concept index and the correlations it generates are accurate and useful to our customers. Moreover, we have had numerous occasions where we had to request standards outside of our contract to fulfill requirements of particular projects, and in every case EdGate has been quick to respond, helpful in meeting our needs, and diligent about meeting their commitments.