Case Recertification for 2023
September 06 2023
1EdTech certified logo

In 2019, EdGate, joined a host of academic and technology leaders in the launch of the 1EdTech Learning Consortium as a Contributing Member and CASE Network Preferred Service Provider and Sponsor.

For the past 4 years EdGate has been focused on spreading the word about the value of CASE, and assisting companies through the myriad changes that have taken place. With many states and organizations moving towards adoption of the CASE format for their learning standards, we work closely with our clients to either transition or add-on the CASE-formatted versions of those standards. Since the start in 2019, EdGate has continued to update the EdGate Standards Repository so standards can be provided to all EdGate clients in CASE format. This includes K-12 standards across all subjects and all 50 states.

The EdGate Standards Exchange has been certified by 1EdTech as a provider of their open, trusted, and innovative digital learning ecosystem. To remain a “TrustEd App” the submitted product must pass interoperability testing to ensure the application meets 1EdTech standards and certification requirements. Earlier this year we completed the recertification of the Exchange, and are pleased to say it is certified as a CASE® v1.0 compliant API.

To get more information about the EdGate Standards Exchange, EdGate Standard Repository, and CASE visit our website, or contact one of our representatives.