Discover a More Accurate way to Align Curriculum
November 21 2023
Alignment Strength

Publishers and EdTech companies are constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality and accuracy of their curriculum alignments. With K-12 educators demanding precise coverage to individual state standards, the burden has grown to be able to validate these alignments. If this experience resonates with you, read on!

Introducing the ExACT Alignment Strength Report

Making a proper alignment is tricky enough, but answering the question "how tight is the alignment?" is a challenge of a higher order. Borne from customer requests and continual feedback, EdGate has developed The ExACT Alignment Strength Report to provide an easy-to-read snapshot that provides the assurance curriculum buyers are looking for to ensure your content adequately meets the stated learning outcomes. This innovative report goes beyond traditional alignment assessments by showing where the content aligns to individual standards as well as how well it covers those standards.

Key Features of the ExACT Alignment Strength Report:

Detailed Alignments

The report provides a detailed analysis of how well the content aligns with individual standards. Users can now gain insights into whether a resource fully covers, mostly covers, or only partially covers the concepts associated with a particular standard.

Gap Identification

Recognizing the importance of addressing gaps in alignments, the report goes a step further by highlighting concepts that are not addressed for standards categorized as mostly, partially, or having no alignments. This allows publishers to pinpoint areas for improvement and refinement in their alignments.

Available via ExACT

The Alignment Strength Report is available through the ExACT Reporting system. This web-based reporting tool allows client staff to generate alignment reports tailored to specific grades, subjects, and states, offering a user-friendly and efficient experience. Reports are exportable and can be displayed or provided to your end-users.

EdGate's ExACT Alignment Strength Report is a game-changer for educational content alignment. With its detailed assessment, gap identification, and seamless integration with the ExACT Reporting system, the tool empowers educators, publishers, and EdTech companies to navigate standards alignment with confidence.

Want to learn more? Request a demo of the Alignment Strength Report and the ExACT Alignment system today. ExACT is trusted by our team of subject matter experts and our clients. Isn’t it time to see for yourself?