New Jersey Mandates Teaching of AAPI History
February 07 2022

The 2022-2023 school year will bring changes to the New Jersey K-12 curriculum. Schools will now include Asian American and Pacific Islander history as part of new legislation signed into law by NJ Governor, Phil Murphy. New Jersey follows Illinois as the second state to mandate this new curriculum. Five other states, Ohio, California, New York, Florida, and Connecticut, are considering similar requirements.  

As a publisher, navigating these ever-changing mandates can be quite challenging. EdGate continuously monitors state curriculum requirements, and our team of experts will update our repository to ensure our clients' content meets all state standards. Additionally, EdGate helps publishers optimize their content to address the needs of educators. Our subject matter experts understand these newly published standards can help integrate them into academic material to address state mandates. 

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By: Sharla Schuller
Marketing Manager