EdGate + 1EdTech CASE = Helping K-12 content publishers improve standards interoperability
February 29 2020

As noted above, EdGate has joined 1EdTech (formerly IMS Global). And we've actually been hard at work since the beginning of 2020 prepping our standards catalog so that standards can be provided to EdGate clients in CASE format. This includes K-12 standards across all subjects and all 50 states.

But first, what is CASE? CASE is an acronym for Competency & Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE) and is a data standard designed specifically for issuing official learning standards and workforce competencies in an interchangeable, digital format that works seamlessly across the various district data systems. Having universal identifiers for education competencies makes it possible for any tool or application to share information between systems easily.

States such as Montana, Texas, and Georgia are now using the CASE format. In fact, the Texas Educational Agency's Proclamation 2020 requires that curriculum resources up for adoption align to CASE-formatted standards. More states will be following suit.

When EdGate aligns content for our clients, in addition to providing the EdGate GUIDS, upon request, we will also offer the CASE identifiers. Again, this will make it easier for various systems to share standards, deliver assessments based on those frameworks, and report results without human manipulation.

While there are already CASE standards available via the 1EdTech Network Registry, EdGate will provide standards that complement those in the CASE Network. So content publishers or platforms that need Social Studies, Science, Art, Health and PE, World Languages, SEL, CTE, Early Childhood or supplemental sets of standards can rely on EdGate to provide CASE-formatted standards via our IMS-certified CASE 1.0 API.

By: Gina Faulk
General Manager