EdGate Announces New AI-Based Standards Alignment Tool
October 28 2019

Publishers with thousands or in some cases, millions, of educational resources, need an alignment solution that is cost-effective, provides immediate results and can handle high volumes of metadata. This is the primary reason that EdGate created the ExACT AutoAlign tool, a natural extension of our popular ExACT alignment tool. 

ExACT AutoAlign automatically aligns educational resources to standards. ExACT AutoAlign relies on EdGate’s patented technology to attach educational concepts to content and thus make the alignment to learning outcomes. The correlation of content to standards is a crucial element to educational publisher’s success in the curriculum adoption process, as well as teacher implementation of resources in the classroom.

Using ExACT AutoAlign correlations are completed in a fraction of the time that a traditional correlation process takes, mapping to millions of machine readable standards in the EdGate database.  The technology relies on machine learning and provides the most relevant AI-based suggestions in relation to the resource metadata. For over twenty years EdGate’s subject matter experts (SMEs) have used a patented correlation process to align millions of publisher resources to educational standards. As the content is tagged to concepts and standards, the EdGate system has become more and more familiar with the relationship between metadata and corresponding educational concepts, making ExACT AutoAlign increasingly accurate.

In addition to the alignment of content to state, national, supplemental and international education standards, ExACT AutoAlign provides alignments to the 1EdTech (formerly IMS Global) Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange identifiers (CASE). EdGate’s toolset also offers analysis of metadata associated with a resource, subsequently providing relevant keywords to aid in discoverability of the resource.

ExACT AutoAlign is accessible via API access or through EdGate’s ExACT base Correlation Tool, a subscription service.

By: Gina Faulk
General Manager