ExACT AutoAlign Transforms Educational Resource Alignment
September 06 2023
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The demand for quickly aligning thousands of educational resources to state and national standards has never been greater. The need for accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility was the motivation for EdGate to create a groundbreaking solution — ExACT AutoAlign. Designed to streamline the alignment process, AutoAlign is the latest in EdGate’s ever-expanding suite of tools designed to improve alignments and better serve the education industry.


Beating in the heart of the AutoAlign technology is the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Leveraging resource metadata to provide relevant and precise alignment suggestions, AutoAlign can rapidly analyze and interpret data, revolutionizing the way educational resources are aligned to standards.

Correlation Suggestions

AutoAlign isn't just about matching keywords, it goes much deeper. It looks for educational concepts within the provided resources and makes suggestions for correlations. These correlations are then mapped to state or national standards using EdGate's patented process.

Relevant Keywords

In addition to concept alignment, ExACT AutoAlign offers recommendations for relevant keywords. These keywords play a vital role in making your resources easily discoverable, ensuring that educators can find the materials they need quickly and effortlessly.

Speed and Accuracy

One of the most notable features of AutoAlign is its ability to complete correlations in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional methods. This is made possible by mapping resources to millions of machine-readable standards in the EdGate database, including the IMS Global CASE identifiers. The result? A process that's not only faster but also incredibly precise.

The Learning Curve

As new content is tagged by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), our system becomes increasingly familiar with the relationship between metadata and educational concepts. This means that as you use the tool, it gets better at providing accurate alignment suggestions.

There are two ways to use AutoAlign:

  • API Access: For those looking for seamless integration, API access provides a direct connection to AutoAlign's capabilities.
  • Subscription to ExACT: Your subscription to ExACT includes access to power of AutoAlign and many other valuable tools.

Part of the ExACT Suite of Tools

AutoAlign is not a standalone solution but a key component of a comprehensive suite of tools, ExACT. It seamlessly integrates into your educational resource management workflow, ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed in one place.

If you are interested in learning more about Auto Align or the ExACT suite of tools, reach out to our representatives for more information or to schedule a demo.