ExACT Alignment System product updates
October 31 2023

We are happy to announce our latest ExACT Alignment System product updates with new features and improvements to make your experience even better.

If you haven’t tried ExACT or experienced a demonstration, it’s a great time to learn what all the chatter is about. To learn more, contact our friendly customer service team.

DirectAlign Now Available in the API

The newest feature available in ExACT is the inclusion of DirectAlignments via the API. DirectAlign is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of adding new content and aligning it with the required standards. Clients can now use the ‘Overriding an Alignment’ feature and retrieve resulting alignments via the API, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your content alignment into other systems. This means a smoother and more streamlined workflow for your team.

Import Alignment Feature Available Free to Full Suite Users

To show our appreciation to our clients, we are now offering the Import Alignment feature free of charge to users that have purchased the full ExACT suite. This feature allows you to import and align content effortlessly. Whether you're a long-time user or new to ExACT, you can take advantage of this feature without having to purchase additional tools.

For clients who have purchased ExACT Reporting as a stand alone product, there will be a nominal charge to access the Import Alignment feature. This update ensures that we can continue to provide you with valuable features while maintaining the flexibility to cater to the unique needs of our diverse user base.

Enhanced User Experience

User feedback is important to us, and we've been paying close attention to your suggestions. In response, we've made User Experience (UX) updates to ExACT. Some buttons have been repositioned to prevent accidental clicks that could disrupt workflow. The improved UX design addresses myriad concerns, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

General Bug Fixes

In any software development process, the hunt for bugs is never-ending. We've invested time and effort in identifying and fixing any issues that may have popped up. With these general bug fixes, you can expect a smoother and more reliable experience with ExACT.

Have a suggestion? Our team is interested in what you have to say. To submit your thoughts, we have developed a simple form that can be used anytime you have a change or request.