SCED Codes: EdGate supports the alignment of your courses to SCED codes
February 18 2021

Does your company need courses aligned to SCED codes? EdGate can provide those codes as a separate metadata field in your deliverable. For states that are not using SCED codes, but have adopted their own unique course codes, EdGate can provide those state-specific codes as they pertain to your courses.

SCED codes are course codes that apply to all ages/grades, and there are even SCED codes for Early Learning. Per the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), SCED codes are used to maintain longitudinal data about student coursework, compare course information and exchange course-taking records. The SCED codes are updated and maintained by the National Forum on Education Statistics Working Group that is made up by state and local education agencies. 

SCED codes consist of a five digit course code that classifies the course content: Course Code, Course Level, Available Carnegie Unit Credit (or Grade Span for prior-to-secondary courses), and Sequence of Course. Need to find the appropriate SCED code for your course? Go here:

By: Gina Faulk
General Manager