The Homework Debate and Why Publishers Care
February 07 2022

For years there has been a growing debate among educators if homework provides additional learning reinforcement or additional stress at home. 

Homework has always been the traditional standard for expanding and practicing skills taught in the classroom. As we now near year 3 of the pandemic, teachers recognize that homework may not be the most effective option for mastering a skill given the current learning environments. Struggling students without support at home may find additional stress in completing assignments, while advanced students may simply find it busy work. 

For many educators, this means finding the most effective tools for assigning homework in addition to finding assignments that are thoughtful and relatable to the discussions in class. Publishers have seen the need for increasing the discoverability of their content while directly targeting the needs of the learner. EdGate brings these two needs together with our ExACT platform. ExACT combines millions of educational standards with correlated content that directly aligns with the needs of the learner. 

Finding the right resource to fit the needs of the student has never been more important than now. EdGate has the tools to help publishers increase discoverability of their content that targets learning needs and engages students. Find out more about our tools at

By: Sharla Schuller
Marketing Manager