Technology is Transforming Education
August 30 2021

Technology is transforming the U.S. and global education system at an accelerating rate. Before COVID, the lasting impact of technology on teaching and learning was nearing the tipping point. The vast majority of districts had broad rollouts of digital devices to every middle and high school student. Pandemic-induced virtual instruction required digital learning devices, high-speed internet at school and home, and learning management systems for every student, teacher, and administrator. A classroom without walls is now a reality for most students.  

The swift transformation of the educational infrastructure revealed new opportunities and challenges. Challenges include: reskilling teachers to not just use digital learning devices, but also to be effective; making engaging and effective digital content is readily available for all grades and subjects, and; finding new ways to support student and teacher social and emotional needs, despite the challenges of the rapid technological transformation. The benefits of innovation resulted in new solutions to persistent learning challenges and instructional wins.

Many opportunities have emerged from the technological transformation of education. One of the most important is that students and teachers are immersed in using the skills and developing the dispositions required for success in the 21st century. Online and hybrid instruction require essential life skills such as increased self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships skills, and responsible decision making. Publishers will need to review their digital offerings to fulfill the content needs of technology-transformed education. Students will now be able to access a wider and deeper range of learning resources that are not constrained by the limitations of the classroom. Literally, the embodiment of a classroom without walls was envisioned by Marshall MucLuhan. The tools available on a laptop or tablet, greatly expand the learning experience, by allowing more creativity with the array of desktop tools/software.

The COVID crisis exposed a real need for publishers to expand and rethink their digital offerings. The timing is opportune with both growing demand and historically high levels of funding. EdGate can help evaluate and optimize your digital offerings to be personalized, aligned, and targeted to both traditional subjects, life skills, and SEL standards. Contact us to learn more about EdGate’s content optimization services.

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager