New Enhancements to the ExACT Platform
November 30 2021

Exciting news for Publisher Correlation Center (PCC) users!
In November we rolled out new enhancements to the ExACT platform and current PCC users have been automatically upgraded to ExACT.

ExACT is an all-in-one platform that helps publishers optimize their content with cost-efficiency, accelerated speed to market, and is now easier to use than ever before. The newly redesigned platform will streamline the process of optimizing your content to the specific needs of your target audience.

Key ExACT capabilities include:

  • Detailed dashboard with an overview of your company's content and the standards in your reporting profile, as well as your correlation coverage and current updated standards.
  • Align or modify alignments of resources.
  • Alignment Manager helps clients to manage and adjust aligned content to match specific needs, allowing the flexibility to fine-tune alignments.
  • Customize correlations by associating content to a specific standard and exclude alignments from displaying in customizable reports.
  • Gap Reporting is a premium service that offers an advanced analysis that helps publishers reveal educational standards that do not correlate to a specific content unit. These reports provide viewing of correlated and non-correlated standards, refinement of correlations, and statistical reports that reveal content coverage.
  • Advanced Reporting supports customized reports to address the specific needs of publishers to serve their audience. Access to Advanced Reporting for current subscribers will automatically be added to ExACT.

If you would like more information on licensing ExACT, Alignment Manager, Gap Services, or Advanced Reporting, please contact our account representatives.

To find more information about ExACT and the new enhancements visit our website.

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager