New School Year, New Standards: Keeping Up with Educational Changes
September 06 2023
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As students and teachers return to the classroom for a new school year, many changes are taking place in the world of Education Standards. From Arkansas to Utah, states across the nation are implementing changes to enhance the quality of education and better prepare students for the future. We have been updating the EdGate Standards Repository with these new and updated standards, adding appropriate metadata, and preparing them for immediate use. Below is an overview of these updates and what they mean for your company and solutions.

Comprehensive Coverage

Understanding the importance of staying up-to-date with evolving educational standards, EdGate is committed to provide publishers with the most up-to-date information available in standards. Here's a glimpse of the states and standards that have been updated this school year or are currently in progress:

  • New Mexico Social Studies:
    Shifting towards inclusive narratives, inquiry-based questions, purposeful skill-content integration, providing opportunities for meaningful student discourse, and empowering student agency and identity pride.

  • Oklahoma Health and Physical Education Updates

  • South Carolina Language Arts Updates

  • Tennessee Computer Science:
    Introducing students to computer systems and digital citizenship. In high school level students will be offered basic level introduction to computer science, including languages, app development, and hardware.

  • Tennessee Mathematics Updates

  • Texas Science:
    Four high school courses were updated: Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, and Physics.

  • Utah Language Arts:
    Reduction in standards to simplify and clarify while combining Reading Literature and Reading Informational standards.

Indiana's Bold Move

One of the most significant developments this year comes from Indiana, where they have reduced their state standards by a remarkable 25 percent. This change aims to streamline curriculum, allowing educators to delve deeper into key concepts and foster a more profound understanding of the topics. To learn more about these transformative changes in Indiana, check out our detailed overview.

In addition, Indiana is one of the many states which require independent third-party reviews of existing alignments. EdGate offers third-party reviews and can provide feedback as well as a detailed statistics report and letter of confirmation of your material. Reach out to our representatives to find out how we can help.

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