North Carolina Approves Updates to K-12 Science Standards
August 11 2023
Science in a classroom

North Carolina is gearing up for its first update to the state’s general science standards since 2009. Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, the K-12 Science Standards are scheduled for revision. The updated 2023 standards are “intended to foster conceptual understanding and help develop scientifically literate students.”

Designed to place a stronger emphasis on hands-on learning and catering to the needs of diverse learners, the new Standards are also inclusive of those with disabilities. While the core content remains largely unchanged, the standards have been rephrased to encourage the integration of Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) in a more immersive manner. This strategic shift is intended to put emphasis on the process of how students construct and develop their understanding of scientific concepts.

The rollout of these standards will occur in phases. Phase one is scheduled for the fall of 2023, with additional phases spanning the remainder of the 2024 school year.

The EdGate team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have started working through these changes, organizing the new standards and are ready to assist clients with a seamless transition to the updates.

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