North Dakota Approves Standards Updates for Math and ELA
August 30 2023
Student in front of class

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction is in the process of preparing revisions for their 2023 mathematics and English language arts standards. These revised standards are anticipated to be fully implemented by the 2024-2025 academic year.

The updated math standards have been designed to develop problem solving skills for real math problems and to understand how different math concepts connect. The main teaching structure will be reduced to three practices: Problem-Solving, Connections, and Reasoning and Proof.

The new English Language Arts content standards, will develop foundational skills in reading, writing, and communicating effectively. The main emphasis of these standards will be to develop writing skills by increasing instructional time dedicated to phonics awareness during the early stages of primary education. This update is also geared towards increasing comprehension levels as students progress to higher grades.

Our team of experts have begun working through these changes, organizing the new standards, and are ready to assist in updating the alignments required to stay in compliance.

Reach out to us for more information on the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction changes and how EdGate can assist in a seamless transition to the updates.