Reimagining Education to Support Student’s Needs
February 07 2022

As we approach the 3rd year of the pandemic, we can look back at the crises that have affected the educational sector and how EdGate can help support the swift changes emerging in the classroom. From the need for more Social Emotional support, academic issues such as Unfinished Learning, and the shift to remote learning, educators are no longer asking, "How do we return to normal?" but how do they reimagine education. 

One clear shift in education is the discovery that learning can happen outside classroom walls. During the height of the pandemic, this meant classes were taught via Zoom. Now some schools are incorporating learning within the community, giving credit for off-campus extra-curricular activities that include work-based programs. These programs allow students to discover their interests while gaining classroom credit. 

Another shift is the belief that students need the flexibility to learn at their own pace. In-class instruction, at-home videos, and recorded lectures are all acceptable ways of learning. But this flexibility can also be found in what engages the students and makes their learning worthwhile. Finding personalized options for different learners beyond the classroom is a challenge in itself.

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By: Sharla Schuller
Marketing Manager