Flipped Learning and Video Content
May 24 2021

Flipped learning in the classroom is a relatively new style of teaching. This learner-centered approach puts a student's first contact with new concepts prior to any in-class instruction. The student becomes responsible for learning using independent study time and the classroom offers a deeper, more developed understanding of what they learned.

In recent years technology has played a large role in this learner-centered approach. With many schools closed during the pandemic, synchronous and asynchronous learning replaced the traditional classroom setting. Many teachers opted for asynchronous days to provide video instruction, either by pre-recorded lectures or online educational videos addressing new subjects. Students would then come to class with a basic understanding and would experience hands-on learning with the teacher.

But how do teachers ensure that the videos they provide are effective at what they are teaching? How do publishers make sure their videos are reaching the right audience? This is where optimizing your video content to be classroom-ready becomes increasingly important.

EdGate works with companies such as Infobase, a streaming video platform provider, to identify specific concepts being served by their videos, all aligned to appropriate standards or learning outcomes. Their video content has been created with the express purpose of teaching these learning outcomes so that students can be assessed for mastery of concepts in the classroom.  

As we continue to see the trend of flipped learning, the need for concise and quality content will only continue to grow. Reach out to our team to get more information on how EdGate can work with your content to ensure students receive a rich experience from your videos.

By: Sharla Schuller
Marketing Manager