Gamification in Education is Proven Effective, What’s Next?
May 19 2022

Gamification in the education market continues to accelerate unabated, with 30% growth forecasted over the next four years alone. Students across the country are benefiting from the proliferation of tools and services available via SaaS technology. The big question that producers of these newly adopted programs are grappling with is what to do next in order to expand services and increase market share?

Studies at Stanford Graduate School of Education suggest using games as an educational tool provides an opportunity for deeper learning. While this technology has been widely used in educational settings for years, one reason for the sudden growth is the increased integration of educational standards that produce measurable learning outcomes. Many districts now even require EdTech tool providers to prove they meet educational standards before being implemented in the classroom. This integration of game-based elements and educational tools is what helps students get motivated, making the subject more engaging.

EdGate works with leading educational software producers to ensure their games and tools meet the necessary learning requirements to enter the classroom. This preemptive planning helps shorten sales cycles and increase close rates. Additionally, the subject matter experts at EdGate can provide cross-curricular content alignment that allows for product line expansion opportunities.

Content correlation to educational standards isn't a new concept, but it's a labor intensive practice that requires a specific skill set and expertise to navigate. EdGate's patented technologies have been a boon for educators, publishers and EdTech providers for years, shortening time to market with precise correlations that can be updated as state and federal standards continually change.

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