Students Learned More Than Academics During the Pandemic
November 30 2021

While news headlines dwelled on the negatives of the 2020 school closures due to Covid-19, many students learned more valuable life lessons in ingenuity and creativity.

Educational researchers interviewed high school students and found while online school was a struggle for many, this shift to self-motivated learning led many students to explore topics not addressed in a standard school curriculum. From learning about their heritage while cooking traditional meals to picking up new hobbies like stock trading, these topics may have never found their way into the classroom but offered additional life skills that could benefit the students in future careers. The ingenuity of resources the students used to find these new life skills is what was most intriguing. These students looked beyond the traditional textbook for a new way to learn. They spoke to family members, scoured the internet, and did research that was grounded in personal interests. With this new learning style likely to stick around for this generation, the need to optimize content to a targeted audience has never been greater.

As a digital publisher, reaching these students has become an ever-increasing challenge. With the market being flooded with new resources daily, how does a publisher increase discoverability of their content?

EdGate's ExACT platform is the solution to help publishers optimize their content to streamline the process and reach a targeted audience. Our patented technology offers access to millions of educational standards and allows for easy mapping of content to thousands of markets.  

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By: Sharla Schuller
Marketing Manager