Elevating Standards Analysis with EdGate's ExACT Alignment System: Unleash the Power of Premium Comparison Reports
February 14 2024
Comparison Reports

A challenge we often hear from clients is that comparing Standards for concepts and skill similarities is very difficult. With the new Standards Comparison Report, we’ve taken a dead aim at solving for it. Standards Comparison Reports are a new, premium feature of ExACT. The Reporting not only streamlines but enhances the process of comparing educational standards, providing a robust solution tailored to each companies' needs.

A Seamless Workflow

  • Define Your Baseline: Choose the primary set of standards you wish to use as your baseline – be it Common Core or any other.
  • Select Comparative States: Handpick secondary sets for comparison, choosing states that align with your analysis goals.
  • Specify Subject and Grade Level: Customize your comparison by selecting the subject and grade level. With a simple click, ExACT generates a detailed report in your preferred format – Excel or Word.

Premium Flexibility with Gap Reports

EdGate's ExACT Application ensures your Standards Comparison Reports are not only comprehensive but also insightful. Gap reports integrated seamlessly into these documents provide a deeper understanding of the variations between standards, allowing for a holistic analysis.

The Repository Advantage

EdGate's Standards Repository, enriched over two decades, houses over 5 million educational standards. This wealth of data guarantees accuracy and efficiency in your standards comparison process.

Explore the Enhanced Standards Comparison Experience

Whether you're comparing multiple states, subjects, or grades, ExACT delivers a premium experience. Dive into the enhanced standards comparison process, eliminating complexities and making educational standards analysis seamless.

Get Started Today

Ready to revolutionize your approach to educational standards analysis? Explore the enhanced features of Standards Comparison Reports on EdGate's ExACT Application. Visit our website for more information or reach out to our experienced Account Executives, who are eager to schedule an appointment and demonstrate how ExACT can elevate your standards analysis to new heights. Say hello to a refined, premium experience in understanding educational standards.

By: Sharla Schuller