Victory Productions Creates Partnership with EdGate Correlation Services for Development of OER Rapid Prototype
November 06 2022

EdGate Correlation Services has been selected by Victory Productions to help develop a rapid prototype for the K-12 OER (Open Educational Resources) Collaborative this spring.

Victory Productions is one of 10 content developers creating prototypes for the Collaborative, a group of 12 states creating comprehensive open educational resources for K-12 Mathematics and English Language Arts aligned to Common Core learning standards. The Collaborative wants to provide greater flexibility for schools to obtain quality educational content.

As part of its commitment to providing educators with quality aligned content, EdGate is supplying alignment services and resources from the Curriculum Matrix® to the OER Collaborative through the partnership with Victory Productions. The Curriculum Matrix®, a comprehensive collection of aligned resources developed over the past 10 years, gives its users access to thousands of free educational resources such as lessons, assessments and activities aligned to standards and curricular concepts. Content is easily personalized to student needs based on a wide array of metadata.

Victory Productions is developing high school mathematics curriculum for the Collaborative. For each lesson Victory creates, EdGate will review all curriculum materials to ensure thorough alignment to Common Core standards and to identify gaps or redundancies. EdGate will also supply complementary supplemental resources and their corresponding metadata and alignments.

“EdGate and Victory Productions agree that the potential for Open Educational Resources is enormous,” said Gina Faulk, General Manager of EdGate Correlation Services. “It will be exciting to provide quality, aligned digital content to states so they can adapt the material to their needs. It’s important for educators to have the flexibility to use the latest content as they engage students for remediation, instruction or enrichment.”

About Curriculum Matrix

Curriculum Matrix® provides access to more than 500,000 grade-specific vetted web-based resources that have been aligned to educational standards by subject matter experts and professional educators.   The EdGate team of subject matter experts continually goes through the process of locating, reviewing and aligning new resources to add to the extensive collection.

The content in Curriculum Matrix® covers all subjects in grades K–12 and consists of many content types and formats such as video, interactive exercises, lessons, assessment questions, quizzes and more, all tagged with a wide array of metadata.  The Curriculum Matrix® resources cover 95% of the Common Core (ELA and math) and Next Generation Science standards with the majority of these standards having 25 or more aligned resources from the Curriculum Matrix®. Resources are drawn from hundreds of recognized and trusted names in the industry such as Khan Academy, Texas Instruments, BBC, Smithsonian, PBS and many more.

About EdGate

EdGate Correlation Services’ core commitment is to deliver the most comprehensive services and products to content providers. The innovative thinkers who started this company in 1997, along with the expanded EdGate team, provide high quality customer-centric solutions that serve more than 200 clients today. The focal point for EdGate's achievement has been development of standards-driven technology and a group of superb, highly skilled staff who are dedicated to client success. EdGate offers a variety of services and licensable products, including Alignment Tools, Correlations, Concept Index licensing, Data Analytics, Gap Analysis, Mapping and Migration, Metadata Identification and Reporting Tools. 

EdGate Correlation Services LLC is a division of EDmin, Inc., a learning management and instructional technology solutions company based in San Diego, California.

About Victory Productions

Victory develops engaging, content-rich, individualized learning experiences that are accessible at any time, and available on multiple platforms. Founded in 1995, Victory’s headquarters are in Worcester, Massachusetts, with a wholly owned facility in Medellín, Colombia. Relationships with global universities and industry organizations help keep the company on the cutting edge of educational technology. Victory is proud to have been chosen to develop a rapid prototype for the K-12 OER Collaborative.