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Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Mount Carmel 8A Coaches' Playbook
The coach of the Mount Carmel Cougars has created handouts of plays to try with your team. You'll find neatly drawn illustrations and explicit instructions for plays and strategies to use in a variety of game-time situations.

The Basketball Coach's Corner
You'll find three helpful sections on this site: the Coach's Manual, which offers tips on how to organize practice sessions and set up an offensive line; the Gym Rat Manual, for players who can already play, but want to improve; and the Newsletter Archive, a basketball discussion board.

Basketball Highway
Clinics are the name of the game at this site, which offers dozens of free, online basketball clinics to help improve your team. Special sections focus on playground and mini-league skills. When you've developed your own favorite drill, add it to the site.

Fitness, Training, and Sports Medicine

Knowledge Hound: Basketball
This site links to Web pages dedicated to teaching you how to play hoops. Tip sheets, playbooks, and drills can help you improve your game. Fitness articles will help you get in shape to take down your opponents on the court.

Basketball Highway
Basketball players need to exercise and eat properly to avoid injuries on the court. This site links to a variety of Web articles about sports medicine, nutrition, fitness, and conditioning.

Health and Wellness
For general health, wellness, training, conditioning, and sports medicine links, visit our special Health and Wellness page. Here you'll find the best site on the Web devoted to athletics and healthy living.


Rawlings manufactures the official basketballs used in the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA championships. At their online store, you can purchase both men's and women's regulation basketballs.

Spalding makes the basketballs used by the NBA and the WNBA, and now you can purchase both men's and women's balls online. Handy charts rate each style's performance on different surfaces so you can be sure you're purchasing the right ball for your type of game. They also offer junior and youth-sized balls for small hands.

If you want to play like Mike, check out Nike's complete line of basketball shoes, clothes, and equipment. Men's, women's, and kids' sizes and styles are available. Then choose a ball, grab some accessories, and select the jersey of your favorite NBA team.

Adidas may sell athletic equipment, but their Web site also offers an up-close look at some of the best men's and women's college basketball coaches. There's also an ad gallery where you can watch your favorite pros in Adidas commercials. Then stop by the men's basketball shop to check out basketball shoes and apparel.

Sporting Edge
Through this site you can purchase basketball rims and backboards manufactured by Bison Basketball Equipment. They also make goals, poles, and training products, in styles modified for home, park, or school use.

Zeeni Basketball Uniforms
Zeeni manufactures game and practice uniforms, as well as other basketball apparel, equipment, and accessories for players, coaches, and referees. Most men's and women's styles are available in youth and adult sizes.

Recruiting and Scholarships College Basketball Recruiting
This Web site, developed by CNN and Sports Illustrated, provides readers with a whole page devoted to college basketball recruiting. Read articles about the college recruiting effort, check out profiles of the top prospects, and then review the latest signings in both men's and women's hoops.

Resources for Coaches

Basketball Coach's Notebook
Here are suggestions from one volunteer coach to other volunteer coaches. There are articles filled with tips and tidbits to assist you with all aspects of basketball, from pre-game to strategies to dealing with parents.

Sports News and Notes

Fox Sports: High School Basketball
Keep track of the best high school basketball players across the country. The editors at Fox Sports rank the best men's and women's teams and players, offer profiles of their favorites, follow the All-Americans, and report the latest scores and recruiting commitments. Check out their information on basketball summer camps.

Full Court Press
If you enjoy women's basketball, you'll enjoy the online version of this print magazine. Although they don't post all of their stories and features online, they offer you a peek into the teams of the WNBA, NCAA, Olympics, and international leagues. NBA
This ESPN site is dedicated to sports fans looking for news, articles, stats, and scores from the NBA. Check out audio and video clips of recent press conferences and join a chat with your favorite player or coach. For college scores and stats, click on the men's college basketball section. WNBA
As the WNBA becomes entrenched in the world of professional sports, is there to bring you all the latest information. Meet the players, read news from around the league, or join a discussion board to discuss the WNBA with other fans. For college scores and stats, click on the link to the women's college basketball section. Basketball
Basketball fans will enjoy the complete coverage offered by the editors of CNN and Sports Illustrated. Follow the games and scores of the NBA, WNBA, and the CBA. Then link to the latest news from the men's and women's college teams.

Associations and General Information

This is the official Web site of the USA Basketball men's and women's teams. Follow players across the nation as they compete for spots on the national teams and then watch as they prepare for the next Olympics. Check out the Historical Fact Book for results from past tournaments, read the athletes' bios, and view some photos of your favorite players.

Basketball Congress International
The BCI is for boys and girls who are interested in playing basketball at any level. It aims to use basketball to teach sportsmanship and help children gain self-confidence. Find out more about the leagues, tournaments, and recent scores from BCI events.
At the National Basketball Association's Web site, you'll find the latest news, scores, and transactions. Chat with or email the players and coaches, learn the NBA's history, and link to your favorite team's official Web site.
Women's professional basketball is more popular than ever! Get the inside scoop on the teams and players, and then logon to chat with or email them. There's also news, game highlights, statistics, and links to each team's official Web site.

NCAA Basketball
College hoops can be exciting. Whether you're a player, a parent, a fan, or dream of playing on an NCAA team, you'll enjoy the information available on this site. Follow your favorite men's or women's team, find out the daily game schedule, meet some legendary NCAA players, and tour some of the college arenas. As the season winds down, visit and NCAA

Biddy Basketball International
Biddy Basketball is a special basketball league designed for boys and girls aged 7 to 12. Teams play with smaller balls and lower goals so kids can practice shooting and jumping, rather than merely throwing the ball at the goal. Register your whole team to take advantage of the nationwide Biddy Ball tournaments.

Rules of the Sport

Sports A to Z: Basketball
The U.S. Olympic Committee has created this handy chart that compares the rules of basketball among the Olympic, NBA, WNBA, and NCAA levels. Discover the number of refs, court length, ball size, game and shot clock lengths, and other fun statistics. Then check out the online glossary if you need a quick definition.

The National Federation of State High School Associations: Basketball Rules
Do you have a question about the basketball rules typically followed by American high schools? Visit the NFHS, which provides interpretations of the rules and updates you with the latest rules revisions. There are instructions for scorers and timers, as well as a diagram of a standard court.

NCAA Read-Easy Rules
Play by the rules used in the NCAA. The read-easy document summarizes some of the most recent rules changes, walks you carefully through each rule, diagrams a regulation court, illustrates the signals used by the officials, and provides you with the 13 original rules developed by Dr. James Naismith in 1892.

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