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Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Fitness, Training, and Sports Medicine

Health and Wellness
For general health, wellness, training, conditioning, and sports medicine links, visit our special Health and Wellness page. Here you'll find the best site on the Web devoted to athletics and healthy living.


California USA Wrestling's Online Bookstore
Want to discover an in-depth history of different wrestling styles? Need some detailed pointers for improving your skills? Here's a list of recommended publications, each with a brief review you can read before you order.

The Mat
The site caters to amateur wrestling enthusiasts. Check out some fun wrestling T-shirts and informative books and training videos. If you're still not satisfied, order a movie about wrestlers or apply for wrestling summer camp.

Sports A to Z: Wrestling Equipment
Wrestlers typically wear one-piece singlets. Some wear headgear, others kneepads. Explore the shoes, mats, and other accessories used by U.S. wrestlers who are headed to the Olympics.

Summit Sports: Wrestling
This online sports store carries amateur wrestling apparel, gear, and other helpful items. Choose from shoes, scales, mats, books, and instructional videos.

Recruiting and Scholarships

Backpoints: College Wrestling Links
This page links directly to several of the major college wrestling Web sites. It's a great resource for high school wrestlers who are interested in applying for admission to and joining the teams of these institutions.

Notes for Coaches

This online forum allows coaches and student athletes to post questions and answers on designated message boards. Categories include high school, college, international, women's, and Greco-Roman wrestling. Coaches, visit the Coaches Corner for your own private tip exchange.

USA Wrestling: Camps and Clinics
This is an excellent resource for student athletes, parents, and coaches who have questions about youth and high school wrestling programs. If you need training tips or ideas for improving your mental or physical match, ask the national team's coaches and read how they answered others' questions.

Sports News and Notes

This site brings you local headlines from the world of high school wrestling. Follow the national tournaments and track the progress of outstanding wrestlers from around the country.

The Mat
Explore international, high school, collegiate, youth, and women's amateur wrestling with up-to-the-minute news and rankings. Want to relive a golden season from the past? Check the archives. Then share tips and ideas with others through the online forums.

The Prep Page
If you coach or participate in the wrestling program at a private high school, then this page will interest you. Follow the world of prep school wrestling with the latest rankings, news, and conference results. Sneak a peek at next season's teams and remember the glory of past seasons.

United States Girl's Wrestling Association
The official website for the United States Girl's Wrestling Association provides national news on high school women's wrestling, as well as merchandise and current rankings by weight class. Find out the schedule for upcoming state and national tournaments, and see how your favorite wrestlers competed in past tournaments.

The Wrestling Report
At the Wrestling Report, you can keep up all your favorite high school and college amateur wrestlers. Get news, updates, highlights, and scores from national high school wrestling tournaments, and then follow each collegiate conference.

The Wrestling Spot
This site is constantly updated with hot news from the world of high school and college amateur wrestling. Check the rankings, meet the top wrestlers, visit a photo gallery, and vote in a poll about student athletes. To communicate with other wrestlers, visit the chat room and the discussion board.

Wrestling USA Magazine
This is the definitive source for information on amateur wrestling. Whether you wrestle for a junior high, high school, or college team, you'll find terrific articles, news, rankings, record books, and more at this site.


FILA is the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles. Whether you prefer freestyle, Greco-Roman, or women's wrestling, you can follow amateur wrestlers and tournaments around the world. Read the latest news, check up on the rules, and visit the video-photo library.

National Collegiate Wrestling Association
Interested in joining or tracking a collegiate wrestling team? The NCWA provides news from each of national region. It also links to the home pages for its member schools, so you can go straight to the source for information on your favorite team. Get tournament schedules, recent rankings, and rules for wrestling and weight control.

United States Deaf Wrestling Association
Did you know that wrestling is a great sport for the deaf? In fact, the United States has its own national team for deaf wrestlers. This simple site offers photos from past tournaments, and offers news and updates for coaches.

General Information

Sports A to Z: Wrestling
As America builds its freestyle and Greco-Roman teams for the next Olympics, follow along with each qualifying round and tournament. The latest headlines will fill you in on the results. Then read the sport's history, check out the rulebook, and explore the equipment used by the best. For quick definitions, visit the glossary.

USA Wrestling
Though less showy than WWF, amateur wrestling can be just as exciting. Learn about the national team or find a local club to join. Check out the photo gallery of recent events, try your hand at daily trivia, or visit the wrestling link of the day.

Rules of the Sport

Sports A to Z: Wrestling Rules
The rules of wrestling vary depending on the style. Greco-Roman wrestlers can't attack their opponents' legs or use their own legs to execute moves, but freestyle wrestlers have no such restrictions. Find out about the weight classes, match lengths, and scoring.

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