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Offensive, Defensive, & Special Teams Strategies
Conditioning & Training
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Recruiting & Scholarships
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Offensive, Defensive, and Special Teams Strategies

C.O.A.C.H. Football Strategy Site
This is a collection of articles on all aspects of the sport from game-time strategy to team building. Coaches should find aid to any of their problems with advice from some of the most established coaches.

NFL High School Football Online: Playbook
This site includes offensive, defensive, and special teams strategies for 11-man, 8-man, and 6-man football. It is an in-depth site covering all aspects of high school football and provides expert commentary from National Football League coaches, players, and referees.

NFL High School Football Online: Tips and Drills
This page, dedicated to providing tips and techniques, is designed to help coaches maximize their players' potential. Read the great articles online and learn tips from the experts on drills that produce results.

Coaching 8-man Offense
On this site, learn all aspects of the 8-man offense from plays and formations to drills. Learn the intricacies of sideline-play calling and incorporate unique options, such as the shotgun and reverse.

Coaching 8-man Defense
This site covers the simplest and most effective 8-man defenses from blitzes to secondary, all aimed to teach coaches and to inform new players.

Take a
This site contains an archive of over 30 articles on topics such as motivation, coaching techniques, film breakdown, practice schedules, offense and defense, special teams, and general football coaching. Coaches, feel free to submit your own work as well.

The Zone: A Football Coaching Site
The Zone focuses on offensive formations, plays, and related drills. Visit the Coaches Corner, try your hand at the Interactive Coach, and sign up for a free coaching newsletter.

World Coaching Connection
A site dedicated to fundamentals, strategies, and how to scout, the WCC also includes numerous articles on football. Log on, and you can track American football teams in Europe.

Conditioning and Training

Preseason Workout
This page has a variety of workouts either to add bulk, or to work on that first step. The preparation for the season can be just as important as the practices themselves. Let this site be your guide.

This is an informative page that guides you through muscular fitness and aerobic training. This Web site is an ideal stop for coaches looking for a weight training philosophy, and players hoping to build mass safely. Learn how to target muscle groups to improve strength and endurance.

O.P.T.I. Sports and Fitness Clinic
Coaches, visit this site to consult with professionals specializing in athletic conditioning and performance enhancement. The scientifically based strength and conditioning programs offered here will enhance your athletes' speed, agility, explosive power, muscular strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance,

NFL High School Football Online
This site contains numerous articles on football training, including topics such as gaining muscle, building mass, and maintaining weight.

Optimal Athletics: Taking Athletic Training to New Levels
This personal Web site brims with articles on plyometric, cardiovascular, and weightlifting workouts pertaining to training for football. Check the section on nutritional tips as well, so that you can eat right to hit your workout goals.

The Zone: Strength and Conditioning
A NATA certified athletic trainer and NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist wrote this article on weightlifting for football players. Key points covered include preventing injury, building strength, and creating a weight room atmosphere with a focus on teamwork.

Fitness, Nutrition, and Sports Medicine

C.O.A.C.H.: Training Room
This site contains articles dealing with the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries incurred while playing football. Along with several varying articles, it deals specifically with a certain type of injury in depth every month.

NFL High School Football Online: Safety and Health
This page offers an excellent source of information on how to best train your athletes in order to prevent injury, and to fortify their diets.
Visit this site, dedicated to keeping coaches and players abreast of the latest information on sports nutrition, endurance training, exercise science, health, and drug abuse prevention. Check out the great articles, new and old, in their archive.

SPORTSDOC by Medfacts
Sportsdoc provides information to aid in diagnosing and treating a wide range of sports related injuries. This site should be considered an aid for sports medicine providers, and not an encouragement to those unqualified to treat sports-related injuries.

Health and Wellness
For general health, wellness, training, conditioning, and sports medicine links, visit our special Health and Wellness page. Here you'll find the best sites on the Web devoted to athletics and healthy living.


Football America
This site allows coaches to purchase both quality football equipment and training aids for their programs online. Football America carries a range of football products by several different sports-equipment companies.

Harrware Software
This site provides software to aid football coaches in either scouting or playbook creation. Both programs are available to purchase as a download, and are designed to reduce preparation time for football coaches.

Riddell Team Sales Website
The official website of Riddell sports equipment allows coaches to order online, schedule equipment reconditioning, or order a catalog.

Rogers Athletic Company
Rogers Athletic provides a wide array of equipment for both the practice field and off-season training, such as slides and dummies. Visit this Web site for a full review of their offerings.

Wincraft Incorporated
Wincraft Incorporated is an online provider of products for school spirit, recognition, and fund-raising. Log on for all your school spirit needs, from homecoming awards, team letters, fanny packs, pins, and more.

Just Balls
This site allows football coaches to order from a wide variety of footballs, for game and training purposes.

Recruiting and Scholarships

NFL High School Football Online: Academics
Are you a student-athlete who hopes to have the chance to excel scholastically and athletically in college? Visit this site to get the best information on scholarship, financial aid, and NCAA eligibility information so that you can prepare for your future.
This online recruiting service will help circulate your player profile to every coach in the country. For a fee, you can create a profile of your entire high school career, so that you can get into the right athletic and scholastic college program.
Use this site to become familiar with the processes of college recruiting, admissions, and financial aid. Create a personal profile to send to college coaches worldwide, or search the database of registered schools so that you can choose where to submit your profile. If you have questions, post them to the bulletin board so you can get solid answers.

The Athlete Network: College Recruitment
Are you uncertain about the recruiting process, and want to ask the right questions? Review this informative article, and educate yourself on how to begin your college academic and athletic career.

Sports News and Notes

ESPN Sportszone
This ESPN site is dedicated to sports fans looking for news, articles, stats and scores from a wide range of sports. This is the up-to-the-minute sports site with complete coverage of the world sportside.

CNN-Sports Illustrated
This site co-sponsored by CNN and Sports Illustrated is dedicated to providing sports news, articles, states and scores from across the world.

This is the official sports page of USA TODAY, which contains articles, editorials, stats, and scores concerning many sports from across the globe. USA TODAY even contains a section for Prep sports.

The Sporting News
This is the online site of the magazine The Sporting News. It is customizable for an individual sports fan's particular choice of specific news.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
No matter which sport is your favorite, you'll find fun articles, polls, quizzes, and more at this online magazine. Try your hand at an online game, or visit the special Toons channel for online sports animation.


The National Federation of State High School Associations
This site contains links to various state organizations, notifications of upcoming NFHS events, sports rules, articles, editorials, and more.
Visit the National Football League online. Follow your favorite team's progress, watch game highlights, chat with coaches and players, and find out the upcoming television and radio schedules. There are also links to each team's official Web site.

NCAA Online
This is the official site of the N.C.A.A, which contains news, statistics, polls, eligibility information, and more.

This is the official site of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Here you'll find great information on the many sports represented by the association.

The official site of the National Junior College Athletic Association, this page contains up-to-the-minute information and news concerning NJCAA athletics.

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