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Strategies and Techniques

Exploratorium: Science of Hockey
Explore the science of the sport with this online exhibit that focuses on the physics and chemistry of hockey using examples and aid from the San Jose Sharks. Learn about the mechanics of skating, the materials of the sport, and ways to stay healthy on the ice.
Compiled after years of interviewing hockey's best and picking player's brains, this site offers 101 tips to improve your game. Work on one each day and watch your skills improve.

Windsor Minor Hockey Association
The Drills and Skills portion of the Windsor Minor Hockey Association showcases links to over a dozen sites full of instructional tips and advice. Use the WMHA site as a starting place to connect to individual drills for skating and passing, or a comprehensive drills database.

Fitness, Training, & Sports Medicine

Doctor Hockey
A fast and furious sport, hockey has the potential to cause injury. Doctor Hockey aims to educate students about hockey mishaps to help them prevent problems. Get informed about common injuries and how you can avoid them.

Hockey Injuries
You've just been diagnosed with subluxation. What is it, and how should you treat it? See a doctor first, and then log on to Hockey Injuries. Pick a body part and access a list of common injuries. Then, get information on the injury, causes, symptoms, treatment, rehabilitative therapy, and prevention. You'll also find useful an injury calculator that tells you when you'll be ready to return to the ice, an equipment quiz, a hockey nutrition guide, and a doctor search.

Ice Hockey: Strength and Conditioning
To keep up with the intense pace of playing on the ice, you'll need more than skill. Learn how to increase your strength and stamina with conditioning drills. This site offers a complete guide to training, flexibility, and weight-bearing exercises intended to keep players in top condition. looks like what it is: a clearinghouse of information about how to make hockey a safer sport. What the site lacks in terms of organization, it makes up for in content. The page is stuffed with articles, links, and features about promoting safety in the sport.


Great Skate Online
How can you make sure you're buying the best hockey equipment for your body? Use the Great Skate Interactive Fitting Guide to figure out the perfect fit for helmets, sticks, shoulder pads, or pants. Then order your size online.

Hockey One
With a full line of goalie equipment, as well as player's practice and game gear, Hockey One can help coaches suit up the entire team without ever stepping foot into a store.

Mr. Assist
Order your team gear here and you'll also get hockey coaching and training tips. More than just dress your team, the Mr. Assist Web site gives them techniques to test out with their new tools.

Sports A-Z: Hockey Equipment
What special equipment do hockey goaltenders need? What is a hockey puck made out of? Study up on the stuff that keeps you safe on the ice.

Sticks and Skates
This site offers a complete line of ice and in-line hockey equipment. Order a free full color catalog, or just shop online.

The Hockey Shop
The Hockey Shop provides great prices on all your hockey equipment needs -- sticks, skates, pads, and much
more. Lowest Prices Guaranted.

Recruiting and Scholarships

Resources for Coaches
Every week, holds online chats with some of the greatest hockey coaches around the country. It's no sin to skip out on chats, but don't dare leave the site without reading the ten commandments of coaching. Then, get further enlightenment into the sport with advice on teaching skills and drills, the goalie position, and positioning and game play.

USA TODAY: Coaches Clinic
Every week, USA TODAY invites a leading college coach to share his or her expertise. Take advantage of this feature to tap into the minds of top coaches as they reveal the secrets of their success.

Windsor Minor Hockey Association
Step into the Coaches Corner for a list of recommended coaching sites. You'll get advice on effective drills, sports psychology, and technical and tactical aspects of the game.

Sports News

CNN/SI: Hockey
CNN and Sports Illustrated have come together to give you up-to-the-minute hockey news and information. Check out what's in the Top Spot, or browse other articles. NHL
ESPN takes the intensity of ice hockey to the Web. With features, columns, news headlines, and special sections, this Web site combines complete covering with expert analysis.

Fox Sports: Hockey
This Web site not only covers the NHL completely, but minor league and college hockey as well. Get the updates on your favorite teams on every level at this site.

Hockey News Link
For immediate access to all the best hockey news on the Web, log on to Hockey News Link. This Web site compiles links to top newspapers; magazines; and online hockey publications, such as CBS Sportsline, The Hockey News, and the NHL Web site.

The Hockey News
This online hockey publication keeps readers up-to-date on developments on the ice. Check out feature articles, statistics, cheers and jeers, and even comics.

The Women's Hockey Web
For information on U.S., university, and international women's hockey, visit the Women's Hockey Web. It provides links to general information about women's hockey, player profiles, tournaments, and more.

Organizations and Associations

American Hockey League
Skate into the Ice Age, the official site of the American Hockey League. You'll find cool features here like the Player of the Week, Record Book, Fan Breakaway, and Cybercasts.

International Ice Hockey Federation
Did you know that only four teams competed in the 1932 Winter Olympic games? Learn other fun facts and official information from the International Ice Hockey Federation. Access headlines, Olympic news, tournament updates, and more.

National Hockey League
The National Hockey League Web site not only highlights results and records, but it gives you hot-off-the-presses audio and video news clips. Get insider interviews with the league's biggest stars or read what experts say about your favorite team. And, if you're ready to get interactive, register your vote with the NHL poll.

NHL For Kids
Game On! At the NHL for Kids Web site, kids have a chance to rule the rink. Click on "Yo Coach" for hockey activities, speak your mind in the "Hockey Talk" section, play games, or get up close and personal with the players.

National Hockey League Players Association
Since 1967 the NHLPA has been representing hockey players and promoting the sport. Among the "Fun Stuff" on this site is a Web animator you can use to create an electronic playbook, a "Young Players Zone," and a "Parents' Scrapbook" of players.

U.S. College Hockey Online
Which collegiate hockey team holds the top honor of NCAA Division I champs? Find out on U.S. College Hockey Online. Keep up with stats, scores, and schedules for men and women's teams.

USA Hockey
The official site of the United States hockey program, USA Hockey will give you the skinny on the men's and women's national teams. Get the news on your favorite national squad or buy U.S.A. Hockey merchandise to show your support for the team.


A-Z Sports: Hockey
For a brief overview of hockey, turn to A-Z Sports. You'll find summaries of the sport, its history and its rules, as well as a hockey glossary. Also, read a brief synopsis of women's hockey in the United States.

Ice Hockey Rules
Did you know that hockey has more than three types of rules? Access links to NHL, International, U.S. Hockey, NCAA, and other rules from this useful site.

First Base Sports Hockey Glossary
Have a question about a hockey term or rule? Use the A-Z hockey glossary to look up the definitive answer to everything from "assist" to "zone."

U.S. Hockey: Coaches and Officials
For the official word on rules for the teams, rink, equipment, penalties, and officials, visit the U.S. Hockey site.

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