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Fitness, Training, and Sports Medicine

eteamz: Fast-pitch Softball Tips and Drills
Attention all fast-pitch softball players! Want to hit further, round the bases faster, and catch every ball that comes your way? You'll be better prepared on the diamond if you practice these drills created especially for fastball players. If your fast-pitch isn't your speed, return to the main page to look up drills for slow-pitch players.

This site contains numerous articles for coaches and players on the game of fastpitch softball. Learn secret tips from college coaches, or check out drills to help improve your game.

FP Softball Camps and Clinics
This site is managed by the assistant softball coach at Rutgers University and contains articles on hitting, pitching, practice management, and more. Improve your strength and conditioning, or focus on specific skills.

Softball Drills Page
This page gathers some of the best softball drills on the Web in one, easy-to-use site. Choose from over 100 pitching, hitting, fielding, catching, base-running and throwing drills. Then, learn more about nutrition and fitness for your mind and body. Coaches, there's a whole section just for you. Don't leave without checking out the links to equipment sites. Softball Training Center
This site is specifically designed to prepare you physically for the softball season. Learn about the muscles that need the most attention in order for you to improve your game and stay healthy throughout the season.


Softball Sales
From batting gloves to pitching machines, this site offers anything softball players and coaches might need. Browse the simple shopping directory to locate the exact item you want.

Softball Depot
Softball and baseball equipment is featured here. Search for specific items, or page through the catalog to see the whole range of bats, balls, apparel, and more.

Sports A to Z: Softball Equipment
Did you know that some softball bats are made out of bamboo? Or that the softballs used at the Olympics must be white with white stitching? Explore the various balls, bats, and protective gear that the America's softball team will have to use when they're in Sydney.

SportsNMore 2000 Softball
This site categorizes the various types of equipment needed to play softball and keep your players safe. Look for bats, balls, gloves, protective equipment, scoreboards, megaphones, software, and accessories for your umpires and referees.

Resources for Coaches

A-Z Softball Search
This enormous link library is a coach's complete toolbox. The directory includes general coaching sites, as well as links to sites that focus specifically on drills and conditioning, softball rules, team clinics, and equipment vendors.

The Coaches' Corner
Step into the Coaches' Corner for a collection of articles on every aspect of leading a team. Learn the 80 ways to praise your players, determine the type of coach you are, and discover new ways to motivate yourself and your players.

NFCA Home Plate
It might take you a while to weed through all the information offered by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association. Download some new drills, catch up on the news and honors, visit the Fastpitch Jobline, or attend an upcoming clinic. Coaches can also research scores and season records or look up conference standings.

National Youth Sports Coaches Association
The NYSCA is dedicated to educating coaches about their responsibilities of coaching young children. Learn how to become certified as a volunteer coach and consult the Coaches' Code of Conduct. Educational materials are available, as well as articles describing how to interest kids in sports.

Recruiting and Scholarships

Texas Challengers Scholarship Tips for Collegebound Athletes
Set your sights on a college softball scholarship. This site provides a preparation checklist, as well as a list of questions to ask recruiters. Learn how to make a video to highlight your best skills.

Sports and Sports News

College Sports News Daily: Softball
Track up-to-the-minute college softball news from across the nation at College Sports News Daily. You'll find feature stories on the big games and top athletes. You can also check out your favorite team.

This is a one-stop source for news from the world of girls' and women's fast-pitch softball. Check the headlines from national high school and college games. Read up on tournament scores or contribute information about your team to the bulletin board.
This Web magazine is your 24-hour source for complete softball and baseball action. Learn how your favorite pro, college, or high school students fared in their latest showdowns, or get ready for your own game by reading articles about sports psychology and strength training.

Sports A to Z: Softball
The U.S. Softball Team is the reigning Olympic champion. Follow the nation's top softball players as they compete for a spot on the team for Sydney. This site provides the latest news of their trials, as well as information on softball's history, rules, and equipment.

USA TODAY: College Softball
Popular newspaper USA Today keeps tabs on the day's coast-to-coast college softball events. Read the latest articles documenting the big games, or just check out the box scores at the Scoreboard.

Associations and General Information

Amateur Softball Association
Whether you're a girl or boy, kid or adult, fast or slow pitch player, you'll find it all at the official site for the Amateur Softball Association. Visit the national teams, gear up for the Olympics, or read Balls and Strikes Magazine online.

A-Z Softball Search: Associations
You probably won't realize just how many worldwide softball associations exist until you take a look at this large list of USA, Canadian, and European fast-pitch, slow-pitch, and modified fast-pitch organizations. Browse the full list or click on a specific link for more information.

The United States Professional Softball League
Visit the USPSL Web site daily to check on the "Countdown to Opening Day" calendar. Beginning April 6, 2001, the first professional men's slow-pitch teams take to the field. Learn about major highlights of the sport, jot down important dates and deadlines, and read press releases about the new organization.

USA Softball is the national governing body for U.S. softball. Keep track of the national teams, follow the news from the Olympics, or download a tryout application to see if you can become a star of the sport.

Women's Professional Softball League
Did you know that softball, including fast-pitch and slow-pitch, is the top participation sport in the United States? Maybe that's why so many fans are starting to follow the WPSL. Explore this site for official news, player profiles, rules, and WPSL tournament schedules.

Rules of the Sport

National Softball Association: 2000 Online Rule Book
What is the official definition of the base path? How many feet from the first line between the bases does the base path extend? Find out by visiting the official year 2000 rulebook. Check all the rules or search for changes from last year's regulations.

Sports A to Z: Softball Rules
Nine women will travel to Sydney as part of the U.S. Softball Team. Discover the rules by which they'll have to play, including the use of a designated hitter. If you're well-versed in the regulations, you'll be able to follow all seven innings of the gold-medal tournament.

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