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Offensive and Defensive Strategies
An amazingly comprehensive site, offers a free coaching newsletter, along with a helpful online Playbook section. Click through, and you'll learn basic concepts, systems of play, aspects of coaching leadership, and how to deal with parents, among other great topics.

Colorado Soccer Net: Coaches Corner
Containing a wealth of information detailing tips for coaches and players, this site is a great stop for coaches. Try out the drills, advice columns, calendar of events, and library of coaching links.
This site contains tons of information in its "Keeper Archives" and "Soccer Archives" on many different aspects of the game. It offers free articles on almost every aspect of the game -- a valuable tool for male and female players and coaches.

Fundamental Soccer
This free interactive youth soccer magazine contains tips for coaches and players, and an archive of past articles dedicated to the game of soccer.

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America
The premier soccer coaching organization in the country, the NSCAA offers fantastic resources online. For coaching tips and strategies visit the Soccer Journal/Coaching Tips link. Then, make sure to check out their Journal Archive for past helpful articles.

Soccer Clinics
This excellent site for players and coaches offers necessary drills to improve skills. The site provides many inventive exercises for soccer players from age six and up. Novice players should visit the Skills Directory for visuals that will help describe basic soccer moves.
This well-rounded site provides information on skill development and strategy for different abilities, as well as many other aspects of the game on and off the field. Get some tips for coaching kids and conducting practices, then read the latest in world soccer news.

The 12th Player
For training tips and more, log on to the United States Youth Soccer site. Players who want to score more should head straight to the "On the Field" section to read the latest advice column or search the archives. Then take a break from the game and check out the "From the Sidelines" section, which contains coaching strategies, health and wellnessinformation, and parenting tips.


Nike: Soccer
Unlike most sports, soccer is played year-round. Make sure you're prepared for summer's heat or winter's chill with appropriate soccer apparel. In addition to cleats, Nike offers uniforms, shinguards, team bags, and soccer balls for men, women, and children.

Soccer 4 All
This sporting goods site focuses exclusively on soccer equipment and apparel. Their online catalog allows you to search by type of equipment or by manufacturer and offers shoes, uniforms, and soccer balls for men, women, and children. They accept team orders, too. Before you leave, check out their whimsical soccer afghans.

Soccer Select
This online soccer retail site carries jerseys, shorts, socks, goalie gear, balls, and accessories. Outfit your entire team in youth or adult sizes. Mall
Coaches and players, do you need soccer equipment and apparel? At this online soccer shopping mall, you'll find sections filled with uniforms, soccer cleats, balls, goals, and training videos. If you're really into soccer, you might enjoy their accessories section, which offers keyrings, jewelry, posters, software, and soccer collectibles.

Sports A to Z: Soccer Equipment
Did you know that soccer balls are made of leather? Or that shin guards are the only protective equipment players can wear at the Olympics? This brief site explains the equipment and uniforms worn by Olympic soccer teams.

Sports Hardwear
Customize your own soccer uniforms or buy uniforms that have already been designed for other teams. In addition to selling uniforms, Sports Hardwear offers sections for coaches and parents, a game room for players, a news room with current headlines, and a chat room where you can talk with other soccer enthusiasts.

Recruiting and Scholarships

Did you know that more than 2,000 colleges have soccer programs? If you want to play for one of them, visit SoccerHead, which helps guide players through the college recruitment process. Follow their four-year recruiting plan and post your resume online for coaches to view. There's also a newsletter, a discussion board, and information on upcoming soccer camps.

Student Athlete Scholarships Foundation
Much of this site's information is offered commercially. However, they offer a free peek into their publications by posting some of their feature articles online. Check the archive for articles on playing soccer in college, obtaining scholarships, meeting coaches, and more.

U.S. Youth Soccer
Hoping to play soccer in college? This site contains information on NCAA eligibility, how to conduct on-campus visits, scholarships, and more. Be sure to check out their recruiting archives for more tips on building your athletic and scholastic career.

Sports News and Notes

The Daily Soccer
No matter your location or time zone, you'll always get the latest soccer news from this 24-hour Web site. A constant ticker delivers the biggest headlines. Then dive into feature articles on international men's and women's soccer.

Girls Soccer World Online
This online magazine is devoted to the sport of soccer for girls up to age 18. Follow high school, junior high teams, and youth clubs; get some training tips; find out how to choose a soccer camp; and read reviews of instructional books and videos. Then get the scores from the latest tournaments.
If American soccer is your game, then you should check out this site for the latest scores and reports. Follow the pros of Major League Soccer, the men's, women's, and youth national teams, and your favorite college teams. There's also information on the international teams pursuing Olympic medals and the World Cup.

Soccernet is part of the site network. It's constant updates keep you informed of soccer news from around the world. Follow your favorite teams from England, Scotland, Europe, or elsewhere in the world.

Women's Soccer World Online
Although this site covers women's soccer worldwide, it focuses on the USA women's team. Get international headlines and read editorial commentaries on games, rules, and the sport in general. Special features bring you in-depth looks at soccer communities, teams, and players. When you're done reading, visit with others on the discussion board.

FIFA stands for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, which oversees the game of soccer worldwide. There's a Media Center with international soccer headlines, but the best part of this site is its extensive rules and regulations section. Find out how the 2000 Olympics and 2002 World Cup will be governed.
This is the official Web site of Major League Soccer. Keep track of the scores, check out the Player of the Week Q & A, chat with fans, players, and coaches, and visit the MLS Clubhouse for camps, trivia quizzes, and each team's page for kids.

Sports A to Z: Soccer
This site focuses on American soccer at the Olympic level. Watch carefully as the men's and women's teams compete for a spot in the Olympic tournament. Once you've read the latest results and headlines, learn more about this popular sport's history, rules, and equipment.

U.S. Amateur Soccer Association
The USASA is the umbrella group for state youth soccer associations. It offers tournaments for youth teams and leagues, as well as opportunities for coaches and referees. Obtain an amateur coaching license, learn the rules of the game, and read the results from the most recent competitions.

U.S. Youth Soccer
Do you love the rush that comes from scoring a goal or defending your post? At this fun, colorful site, you can learn about the USYSA, get a free subscription to Adidas' Three Stripes magazine, check the tournament database for competitions in your area, discover summer camps, order youth soccer equipment, and get tips on playing or coaching the game.

U.S. Soccer Online
Whether you favor men's or women's soccer, you'll find it all at this site by the U.S. Soccer Federation. Check the latest news, visit the national teams, and learn about coaching this popular sport.

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