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Technique and Strategy

Swimming Technique Magazine
This is the official publication of the American Swim Coaches Association. Quarterly issues bring training tips, new equipment reviews, and information on sports medicine and physiology to competitive swimmers.

Fitness, Training, and Sports Medicine

Do you get tired of constantly running through the same workout routine? Enter your ability level, stroke style, and the length of your workout into this interactive site and you'll get suggestions from other swimmers for some helpful new workouts.

SWIMINFO Technique
This archive contains articles about swimming workouts and techniques from a variety of publications. Search by stroke to get ideas for improving your swimmers' workouts in the training room and in the pool.

Health and Wellness
For general health, wellness, training, conditioning, and sports medicine links, visit our special Health and Wellness page. Here you'll find the best sites on the Web devoted to athletics and healthy living.


At the SwimShop, you'll find everything for swimmers: books, magazines, and videos; clothing; skin and hair care products; and equipment from kickboards to scoreboards. Visit their special poster section to decorate your locker room!
Speedo is everywhere: on the beach, in the pool, and at the toughest competitions. Speedo offers simple workout clothes and flashy suits for racing. Check out their different lines for men, women, and children, as well as their special accessories.

Fogdog Sports: Swimming
Fogdog is a popular online sporting goods store. The swimming section offers swimwear, wetsuits, cover-ups, footwear, training aids, accessories, pool equipment, instructional books and videos, and exercise gear.

SWIMNEWS Online Shopping Mall
This is a swimmer's virtual shopping center. Browse for sporting goods, swimming equipment, pool manufacturers, nutrition supplements, and more. Also, check out their directory of swim camps.

Sports A to Z: Swimming Equipment
To go for a swim, you just need a colorful suit, right? You might be surprised to find out that competitive swimmers use lots of other equipment, such as caps to protect their hair, and goggles to keep the chlorine out of their eyes.

The Victor Swimsuit Company
Low cost manufacturer of quality competitive swimwear and supplies. Used by Olympians, National Champions, high school, middle school and summer leagues.

Recruiting and Scholarships

Recruiting and Retaining Swimmers
Here's a brief article by Rose Snyder, the Club Services Director for USA Swimming. Snyder identifies the reasons why kids quit swimming and offers advice to coaches on how to keep the kids they recruit.

Swim Recruiting Online
Coaches, is it time to recruit new team members? Swimmers, are you looking for a university team that can use your skills? This site allows swimmers to enter personal profiles that coaches can search by gender, stroke, time, distance, and course.

Resources for Coaches

College Swim Coaches Association NCAA Top 25 Times
Stay on top of the college swimmers as they race for record-breaking times. Follow the latest men's and women's short course stats. Then check out recent news in the world of NCAA swimming.

USA Swimming Coach Services
Coaches will find a variety of resources here to make their jobs easier. Learn about safety and drug awareness, join a workout or training discussion forum, and follow up on the most popular articles from Coaches' Quarterly.

USA Swimming Resource Database
This site provides a bibliography of resources for swimming coaches. Search for books and publications on dozens of topics and the database will cite resources that can be located in libraries, bookstores, or the Web. Check back regularly for updates.

American Swimming Coaches Association
Whether you teach beginning swimming in your backyard pool or coach a top-notch amateur team, you'll find helpful information here. Check on certification, job matching, and upcoming clinics and seminars.

Sports News and Notes

SWIMINFO is a complete guide to the world of swimming. In addition to articles from Swimming World, SWIM, and Swimming Technique magazines, you'll find the latest news, competition results, and workout tips.

USA Swimming Forums
Get a first-hand glimpse into the sport of swimming via these discussion forums. Free registration admits you to discussions among coaches, swimmers, fans, and officials. Search for particular topics, and then receive emails with the latest postings.

SwimNews Online
This is the online version of SwimNews Magazine. This site has it all: news and articles, world rankings and records, results from recent competitions, and information on special events, including the Olympics.

Sports A to Z: Swimming
Which swimmers do you hope will represent America during the next Olympics? Meet the hopeful competitors and watch a short video about Olympic swimmers. There's also a timeline of important dates in swimming's history and a glossary of terms.


USA Swimming
Follow U.S. Swim Team members and hopefuls as they compete across the country and around the world. Check the record book, find a swim club in your area, join a discussion board or chat room, and learn the science behind the sport.

FINA stands for Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur, which governs aquatic sports worldwide. The site offers information on recent and upcoming events, important records, and international clinics and seminars.

USA Swimming KidPool
Do you feel like a fish out of water? If you love to swim, you might enjoy meeting some of the famous U.S. swimmers. Send an email to your favorite competitor, find a swimming pen pal, join a message board, and read articles from Splash Magazine.

Rules of the Sport

Sports A to Z: Swimming Rules
Swimmers who compete in national and international competitions must follow certain rules. The pool must be a certain length, strokes must be performed correctly, and swimmers must start the race and turn laps carefully. Learn the rules at this site.

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