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Offensive and Defensive Strategies Court Concepts: Offensive Techniques and Strategies
This series of five articles centers on creating and executing an effective offense. Get advice from a seasoned coach on how to implement a swing offense or improve blocking techniques. Then browse other helpful hints for high school teams.

Volleyball Magazine: Instruction Archive
This page doesn't look very exciting, but it could make a big impact on your game. Read archived articles from Volleyball Magazine about serving up killer shots, troubleshooting your defense, attacking your opponents with secrets weapons for setters, and getting the winning edge and more.

Conditioning and Training Court Concepts: Conditioning
This simple page contains practical articles about conditioning. Find out how your mental attitude and vision can affect your game. Or, if you want to concentrate on your body, read up on stretching, agility, and neuromuscular conditioning.

Volleyball Coaches Corner
Need to figure out how to improve your vertical jump? How about using visualization to improve your game? Read articles about training your body and mind to excel on the court.

Fitness, Nutrition, and Sports Medicine

Health and Wellness
For general health, wellness, training, conditioning, and sports medicine links, visit our special Health and Wellness page. Here you'll find the best sites on the Web devoted to athletics and healthy living.


Sports A-Z: Volleyball Equipment
How long is a regulation volleyball net? How much does a volleyball weight? Learn about the standard equipment in the sport of volleyball.

Recruiting and Scholarships
This online recruiting service helps circulate your player profile to every coach in the country. For a fee, you can create a profile of your entire high school career, so that you can get into the right athletic and scholastic college program.
Use this site to become familiar with the processes of college recruiting, admissions, and financial aid. Create a personal profile to send to college coaches worldwide, or search the database of registered schools so that you can choose where to submit your profile. If you have questions, post them to the bulletin board so you can get solid answers.

Resources for Coaches

American Volleyball Coaches Association
A resource for coaches, the AVCA has links to the latest news, coaches' conventions, collegiate games, and job openings. The AVCA encourages coaches not only to maintain the integrity of the sport, but also to correlate volleyball with educational objectives.

The Coach
The Coach Web site houses past issues of the magazine from 1997 to 1999. Although the online version doesn't provide access to all the magazine's content, the electronic edition does offer instructive articles on techniques for reception, blocking, setting, and defense.

Sports and Sports News

Collegiate Volleyball Update
Do you follow collegiate volleyball? Are you wondering what the results were of last night's game? Satisfy your curiosity on this site. Read the men's and women's updates or quiz yourself with the Question of the Day.

USA TODAY: College Volleyball News
Log on to USA TODAY's College Sport site to get scores and more. With quick links to volleyball news and longer, more in-depth articles, this Web site caters to the casual observer or the dedicated player.

Associations and Rules of the Sport

AAU Volleyball
This national amateur organization has set up tournaments and other competitions for over 25 years. Find out about beach volleyball and opportunities for juniors, or try the message forum to post messages for volleyball players of all ages.

United States Professional Volleyball League
A newly formed professional indoor volleyball league for women, the USPV took to the court in February 1999. On this site, you can read about the team in particular, or learn about volleyball in general. Get fast facts about the sport's demographics, statistics, and history.

USA Volleyball
This is the official site for USA Volleyball, the national governing body for volleyball in the United States. Find information about adult, junior, youth, and beach volleyball, as well as educational resources and articles to help improve athletic skills.

United States Youth Volleyball League
The best athletes start young! Kids ages 8-14 can get on the F.A.S.T. track to sports with the Youth Volleyball League. The league helps develop young athletes in a fun, safe, supervised environment.

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