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Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Conditioning and Training

Coaching Water Polo: Physical Building Blocks and Core Individual Skills
To stay afloat in this sport, you must be physically prepared. Visit the Physical Building Blocks page to set up a training program for your team that centers on the four components of conditioning: strength, fitness, speed, and flexibility. Next, browse the Individual Skills page for exercises that drill key skills without boring your budding athletes.

Fitness, Nutrition, and Sports Medicine

Coaching Water Polo: Fitness
Finding ways to improve team fitness doesn't have to be difficult. On this fitness page, check out these drills to challenge your athletes, individually or in groups.

Health and Wellness
For general health, wellness, training, conditioning, and sports medicine links, visit our special Health and Wellness page. Here you'll find the best sites on the Web devoted to athletics and healthy living.

Equipment Products Page
Need information about how to improve your team? Do some online shopping at the site. You'll find books and resources, videos, posters and more.

Sports A-Z: Water Polo Equipment
You have the pool and the players. What else do you need to play water polo? Get the quick rundown of must-have equipment before you dive in the pool for the next game.

Resources for Coaches

Coaching Water Polo
Designed as an interactive space for coaches to share information, this site contains all kinds of tips for building a successful team. On the homepage, learn about coaching philosophies, the tactic of the week, and help solve the coaching conundrum. Visit the playbook pages for samples of winning offensive plays.

Sports News and Notes

Hicock Sports History
When water polo began, players rode on floating barrels painted like horses and struck the ball with a stick. By the time the game came to the United States, water polo no longer required barrels and players passed the ball by hand. Learn other interesting facts about water polo, its history, and how it is played.
This page for water polo players, coaches, and fans will keep you tuned in to the top stories in the sport. Read headlines, search for game results, check dates for competitions, get an introduction to U.S. Water Polo, or learn about the men and women's national teams.

Associations and Rules of the Sport

FINA: Water Polo Rules
Not sure when your team gets a corner throw instead of a goal throw? Wondering what offenses are punishable by an exclusion foul? Consult this comprehensive list of water polo rules and regulations for answers to questions about everything from equipment to timekeepers.

Australian Water Polo Home Page
Use this site to learn about water polo in Australia, or go directly to the Sydney Water Polo Page link in the upper left-hand corner to go to the official Olympics page on the sport.

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