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Strategies and Tactics

Mark Rothwell: Tennis Tactics
What 100 things can you do to improve your tennis game? Skim this list of tips compiled by a tennis coach. He shares his wisdom on equipment, groundstrokes, footwork, power shots, and more to help you enhance your performance on the court.

Strategic Tennis Concepts 2000
Like other sports, tennis is a tactical game. To be successful, you need to develop and execute smart strategies. Turn to this site for step-by-step instructions on how to analyze yourself and your opponent in order to develop a winning game plan.

TennisOne: Tennis Lesson Library
Whether you are a singles or a doubles player (or both), you'll find that this library of strategy lesson has advice for crushing your opponents on the court. Learn key strategy techniques and get answers to all your questions on pushing your opponent, playing a topspinner, mixing up the pace, and more.

Conditioning and Training

eteamz: Tennis Tips and Drills
Tired of training with the same old drills you've done for days? Vary your workout with suggested tips and drills that focus on hitting, overheads, volleys, serves, and more. There is also a special section for doubles drills.

TennisOne: Strokes and Mechanics
This section of the TennisOne lesson library concentrates on strokes and mechanics. Use the archived articles to study your form and tweak your technique. You can watch animations of the Agassi Backhand, or find out how to use the two-handed backhand as a weapon. Also, look for hints to help your forehand, groundstroke, net play, and serve.

TennisOne: Tennis Drills
After you've browsed the Tennis Lesson Library, pick up your racquet and get ready to rally on the court. Practice what the pros preach by trying over a dozen tennis drills that focus on serving, volleying, playing crosscourt, and opening a passing lane.

Fitness, Nutrition, and Sports Medicine

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons: Tennis
Love to play tennis, but hate feeling sore for days afterward? You won't have to, if you follow some simple suggestions for pain-free play. Obey these doctors' orders and you'll be able to exercise, have fun, and avoid injury.
A comprehensive collection of articles and explanations, Fit4Tennis is a one-stop site for total body fitness. Visit the Sports Injury, Diet and Nutrition, and Aerobic Conditioning pages to get lots of information about injury prevention and training. Or pick a body part, such as your knee, shoulder, or elbow, to learn a little anatomy and discover your body's limitations. Finally, make sure you're not falling into the eight bad tennis habits.

MedInfo: Tennis Elbow
Can you guess what lateral epicondylitis is? It's tennis elbow, a condition with which sore tennis players are familiar. Find plain-English descriptions of the causes and symptoms of tennis elbow. Then discover some treatments to help alleviate the soreness.

Keeping Tennis Elbow at Arm's Length: Simple, Effective Strengthening Exercises
The tips in this article, from the Physician and Sports Medicine journal, might help eliminate your painful tennis elbow and speed up your rehabilitation. Test out some exercises, with or without weights, to strengthen your arms so you can get back out on the court.

Recruiting and Scholarships

Resources for Coaches

The Right Approach to Drills, Parts One and Two
Tennis coaches develop and assign drills for their players. But coaches should also be able to explain a drill's rationale and goals, demonstrate the concept, and evaluate a player's ability to perform it. Use these tips to help you improve the quality of the drills practiced by your players.

TennisServer: Turbo Tennis
This column changes periodically to bring you the best coaching advice from tennis expert, Ron Waite. Use Waite's tips to push your own players to play their absolute best. Learn how to chart a match; set realistic, yet ambitious goals; and improve your footwork.


1st Serve: Tennis String Information
Figuring out which strings to use can be confusing enough. Then, you have to worry about tension and gauge, and you don't want to overpay for the product. This page differentiates between natural and synthetic strings, recommends high-quality manufacturers, and provides tips for prolonging the life of your strings.

Racquet Research
Wondering which racquet is best for you? Research racquets using objective facts based on measurements, physics, and other performance criteria. If you're new at purchasing tennis equipment, start your search by reading "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Choosing a Tennis Racquet."

Sports A-Z: Tennis
What three types of materials are used to make tennis courts? Clay, asphalt, and grass. What are the ball colors used in competition? Yellow and white. Find out more about tennis equipment and standards.

Sports News and Notes

CNN/SI: Tennis
Co-sponsored by CNN and Sports Illustrated, this site not only supplies complete coverage of recent matches, but also provides articles to help you keep track of the full tennis year. Some fun features on this page include insider stories and a guide for pronouncing the top players' names. Tennis
If you don't have time to read all the stories on this page, get quick links to fast facts about ATP rankings, WTA rankings, players, and schedules. If you have more time to devote to tennis, browse the photos and columns or listen to audio clips.

ESPN: Tennis
Keep up with the scores and stats of the tennis circuit with ESPN. Then get more in-depth information about players, matches, and tournaments by reading special columns and features.

Men's Tennis
Your source for men's tennis information, this electronic publication keeps you up-to-date with feature articles, sports news, and special player interviews. Click on Tennis News for the latest articles, but you can also find the specifics on US Open, Davis Cup, French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and ATP Tour matches. Catch up on the senior circuit or look for information about fitness, equipment, and sports medicine.

Sports A to Z: Tennis
This site, maintained by the United States Olympic Committee, serves up some news from around the world as the major players try to win their way to the Olympics. After you've read the latest headlines, learn more about the history of Olympic tennis, the basic rules, and the equipment used by the teams.

The Tennis Server
This monthly e-zine serves up nothing but tennis-related articles and stories. You'll get tennis commentaries, tips for training, methods for improving your mental game, and a special section for juniors and seniors.


ATP Tour
The ATP is the governing body for the men's professional tennis circuit. Check back often for the "Match of the Day" feature or the "Player of the Week" highlight. If you have more time, read the ATP online magazine or have some fun in the ATP Playground. Then, mark your calendar with the dates of upcoming tournaments.

Intercollegiate Tennis
ITA stands for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association. The governing body of men's and women's collegiate tennis, the association is composed of college athletes and coaches from across the United States. Consult this site for lists of collegiate tournaments, the standings of top college players, and the rankings of university tennis teams.

USA Tennis
Grab a ball and a racquet, find a wall or a partner, and try your hand at tennis! This site can tell you where to get free lessons and how to join a local youth, adult, or wheelchair team. For news from the pro tour, link directly to


Sports A-Z: Tennis Rules
For a brief summary of the tennis rules for serving and scoring, consult this site. The short descriptions offer tennis beginners a good start.

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