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Conditioning and Training

Gatorade Sports Science Institute
A free membership to GSSI brings you access to their reference library, which is filled with sports science articles and newsletters for coaches and athletes. You can also ask your training questions to an expert.
This site bills itself as the "online community for sports training and athletic conditioning." Coaches, athletes, and trainers can visit special training areas that focus on specialized sports and topics. Professional trainers staff each section to answer your questions, post new information, and provide tips for improving your health and athletic skills.
If you're an athlete who wants to maximize your potential, visit this terrific animated site. is an online monthly magazine filled with feature articles written by some of the nation's best strength coaches. Test your reflexes with some online games, get reviews of new sports products, and pick up some tips on sports science and nutrition.


Sports Nutrition in the Nineties
This simple column, written by a Canadian nutrition instructor and dietetic consultant, explores nutrition for student and adult athletes. She outlines a variety of helpful publications for sports nutrition and directs specialized athletes to the best resources for their sport.

Sports Nutrition Resource List for Consumers
Here's a simple bibliography, compiled by the Food and Nutrition Information Center, of books, pamphlets, audiotapes, and contacts focusing on sports nutrition. Print out the list and then head to your local library to learn more.

The University of Nebraska: Foods and Nutrition
Although this site doesn't focus exclusively on sports nutrition, it can be helpful for athletes at all levels of training. Learn how to shop carefully, read labels, and develop a diet that's right for you. Be sure to check out the Special Diets section for information directly related to sports.

Sports Medicine

The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine: Find a Doctor
The AOSSM is an organization for the nation's top sports medicine orthopaedists. Although many members help professional team athletes overcome career-ending injuries, they also treat high school and college players. If you need a doctor specializing in sports medicine, use this handy site to find a physician in your area.

The Physician and Sports Medicine Online
This is an online version of a medical journal for physicians specializing in sports medicine. However, athletes and coaches might find some of the articles useful. Check the Personal Health section for articles on sports equipment and apparel, strengthening exercises, weight control and nutrition, fitness, rehabilitation, and more.

Health and Fitness

P.E.4LIFE is a national, non-profit advocacy organization that serves as the collective voice for promoting quality, daily physical education programs for America's youth.

Bodies in Motion, Mind at Rest
This ThinkQuest site offers basic tips on how to get in shape, photos of special exercises, an interactive fitness cookbook, and information for teens by teens. Chat with trainers and expert athletes online, or check out a collection of resources to improve your health.

Children's Health Development Foundation
This Australian Web site promotes physical activity as an integral part of childhood development. The CHDF aims to improve the physical, emotional and social health of children and young people by improving dietary intake and increasing participation in regular physical activity.

Fitness Matters
Here's a Web resource that explores unique forms of exercise to produce enhanced health and well-being. From new information on building muscle mass to innovative theories on stretching and flexibility, this forum discusses activities and ideas that challenge current notions about fitness.

This site offers an exclusive online health and fitness magazine, a nationwide gym and health-club locator, a fitness library, and a personal fitness profiler, as well as a comprehensive selection of the highest-quality fitness equipment.

Just Move
The American Heart Association created Just Move to promote exercise and fitness as a key to heart health. Once you've designed a fitness regimen, use the Virtual PersonalTrainer to track your progress. Take a quiz to see how your fitness measures up with that of other Americans. Then read the latest in fitness news.

This terrific site offers a plethora of nutrition and fitness tips, and includes links to featured articles on pregnancy, weight loss, and exercise programs. Phys. also includes handy calculators to measure your fitness, on-site experts to field questions, and links to online magazines.

Shape Up America!
Shape Up America! is devoted to help Americans reach a healthy weight by increasing physical activity. Initiated by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, this site teaches you how to select a meal plan, calculate your Body Mass Index, choose appropriate physical activities for your fitness goals, and much more.

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