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Technique and Strategy

The Thrower's Page
Is your sport the discus, javelin, shot put, or hammer throw? This site offers methods to improve not only your performance but also your preparation. Chart your personal goals throughout the season or find out if a college scholarship is in your future.

High Jump 2000
Think you know everything about the high jump? Think again. This site will carry you from your first step, well over the bar, and to the mat. Download software made for the high jump athlete, or take tips on any aspect of your preparation or performance.
Dedicated to the Hammer throw, this site contains guidelines and training strategies for both coaches and throwers. Get information about the hammer from former Olympic athletes, or participate in building the site by adding your own tips.

Triple Jump Online
This is a great site for triple- and long-jump athletes. Learn the science behind the events from a Rice University athlete, use the English-metric distance conversion chart, or check out results from the recent major events.

Conditioning and Training

High School Runner
This high school track and field site provides information on conditioning, race preparation, shoes, mental training, and much more. Visit the section on running in college to get tips from collegiate coaches and athletes.

How We Train
This essential site contains the personal workouts of some of track and field's greatest athletes. Superior athletes in various age groups give offer training schedules and tips on what has brought them success.

Fitness, Nutrition, and Sports Medicine

Advantage Athletics
Take advantage of the Internet with these free strength-training lessons. For everything from running to pole vaulting to javelin throwing, this site can guide you into a safe, efficient workout with their recommended sprints, drills, and weightlifting tips.

American Track & Field Athlete
Here's a collection of articles that aim to improve the performance of track and field athletes. Revolutionize your running, throwing, jumping, or training style with some helpful pointers and common-sense tips.

Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Page
While primarily focusing on sports medicine, this site also offers great articles on strength training for runners. Learn how to train without injury, and how to optimize your times without it taking a toll on your body.

IAAF: Training Tips
Do you love the thrill of jumping hurdles, the exhaustion from cross-country and long-distance running, or the feeling of flying through the air during a long jump? Then before you continue training, check out these tips recommended by the International Amateur Athletic Foundation.
This is an online sports medicine clinic for running injuries. provides advice through an extensive library of articles to learn how to survive running injuries or how to use sports psychology exercises to strengthen your mind.

Running Injuries
Many people, from beginning athletes to serious trainers, turn to running as way to improve their fitness. Over time, running can cause injuries to your knees, ankles, shins, feet, and other important body parts. Before you develop a running regimen and buy new shoes, check out this Web site to learn how to prevent or cure running injuries.


Atlantic Coast Sporting Goods
ACSG specializes in track and field equipment for high school and university teams. In addition to shoes for every event, you can get field supplies, such as shot puts, javelins, hammers, discuses, poles, hurdles, starting blocks, and stop watches.

Order spikes, shoes, and other apparel specifically designed for all track and field events. With selections for events from pole vault to the marathon, this site satisfies the equipment needs of any track and field athlete or coach.

MF Athletic Company
Ever wonder where to purchase a vaulting pole or a javelin? This online catalog contains shoes, apparel, and equipment for track and field coaches and athletes.

Sports A to Z: Track and Field Equipment
Do you know what a discus looks like? Or how high a high jumper jumps? What materials go into the poles that pole-vaulters use? Learn about the different types of equipment used by track and field athletes.

Recruiting and Scholarships

College Information for Track and CC Athletes
An essential source for any track and field athlete interested in competing at the university level, this Web site contains information on colleges, scholarships, and more to aid coaches, parents, and athletes.

High School Runner
Looking for recruiting tips? Visit this section of High School Runner to review message board advice from collegiate runners, interviews with coaches, and a directory of colleges well suited to a college running career.

Resources for Coaches

Coaching the Throwing Events
This site will aid coaches on all aspects of the throws, from the shot put and discus, to the javelin and hammer throw. Learn the fundamental principles behind the games, and pick up weight training tips, scheduling advice, and information on how to develop a high school program.

Sports Coach
This comprehensive track site for coaches and athletes offers sections on many different areas of fitness, conditioning, plyometrics, and more. With help to plan your athletes' diet and training techniques, this site will have your team in tip-top shape.
This site offers personal coaching services to runners of all abilities and distances. Take coaching tips from America's top runners, or get information on exercise techniques and nutrition plans. Sign up for their free biweekly newsletter to receive tips direct to your inbox.

Sports News and Notes

American Track & Field
This site contains both national and regional track and field news, as well as race results from around the nation. Keep abreast of what has just happened in the track and field world, and anticipate the upcoming events with this complete news source.

Sports A to Z: Track and Field
The United States is preparing to build a team of runners, throwers, jumpers, and hurdlers to send to the Olympics this summer. Follow the regional tournaments, read up on the rules of each event, and discover the history of this set of sports.

Track & Field
This is the online version of popular magazine, Track & Field. Check out their selection of articles that cover the last century of this set of sports. Then follow up with today's greatest athletes as they prepare for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

Catch the fiery heels of all of the great NCAA athletes at this site. Find out which collegiate squads, male and female, captured the bronze, silver, or gold this year.


International Amateur Athletic Federation
The official site of the IAAF covers the world's major track and field events. Read the headlines from recent competitions; then watch a video clip or view a photograph from the event. Meet the legendary track and field stars and the up-and-coming athletes vying for medals and glory. A section with training tips is also included.

USA Track & Field
Whether you run a minute or a marathon, you'll enjoy the wealth of information on this site. Check out the calendar of events, learn how to coach and officiate, view the record book, read about past and present stars, and discover USATF youth programs.

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